Management Services

Strategic Marketing

Does your company need assistance and guidance on Strategic Marketing Issues? Are you planning a special campaign where you could use additional guidance? Our Strategic Marketing Consultant, Kate Fuller can work with you in a variety of ways. It can be as a one off project or a working together longer term. She can initiate, develop and implement a marketing strategy or provide an extra pair of hands as an extension to your existing marketing team.

Business Coaching

Individual development of Senior Management can sometimes be difficult because of the ‘lack of time’ and the ‘generalism’ of training courses.  With one-to-one coaching Managers and Directors can focus on their needs and develop new skills and styles for the benefit of themselves and the company.

Life Coaching

Could you benefit from additional guidance and personal support that is committed to your success and development?  Why not take a look at our Life Coaching Programme details to see how they could help you move forward.

Career Management & Outplacement

Whether the need is a change of career direction within the organisation or a move outside of it, Career Management Coaching is vital for successful implementation of the change.  Programmes can be developed to meet the needs of groups and individuals in identifying transferable skills, developing self marketing techniques, and assisting them in moving forward to the next stage in their career.

Style Analysis

CMF Coaching Programmes use DISC Behavioural, Attitudinal and Motivational Profile Reports to carry out an in depth analysis of an individual or a team, and use these reports as the key anchor point in the programme.  The reports used are produced using a powerful software package developed by TTI (Ltd), a world leader in computerised behavioural and attitudinal analysis reports.

Performance Management

Why not have a performance assessment system audit?  Current systems can be modified or new systems designed and installed to your requirements with an emphasis on overall performance improvement and individual development.

Change Management

Handling ‘the management of change’ positively needs total team commitment.  We can help organisations to manage change by developing HR strategies and staff development programmes which will enable staff to develop new skills and approach ‘change’ with the right attitude.