Change Management Reviews and Workshops

Handling the Management of Change positively needs total team commitment. Managers and supervisors are frequently responsible for implementing change, without having been involved in the original change decisions.

Managers need to understand the reasons for change, apply the process, cope with the results, and continue to provide challenges.

The CMF Management of Change Review looks at the special requirements of your company, and involves full discussions with all the appropriate individuals and groups.

Following this review interactive workshops are designed to ensure that everyone from ‘top to toe’ has the same clear message on the reasons for change, how to handle the change positively, and how to move the company forward.

Key Topics included in these workshops are:
Recognising the need for change
Overcoming barriers to change
Identifying stress factors
Key implementation activities
Effects of change on people
Winners and losers in the process
Handling the results of change
Effective and Ineffective ways of handling Resistance to Change
Creating further challenges
Learning from successes
Communicating and motivating
Personal action plans
Evaluating responses