Communication Management

Correctly presenting yourself as the ‘shop window’ of your company is vital if you wish your viewing audience to continue looking, and ultimately place that all important order, whether it is for goods or services.  It is also worth remembering your presentations to ‘internal customers’ because it is just as vital to be on top form with colleagues as it is with your ‘external customers’. 

The Presentation Skills programme can be designed at any level from the basic beginner through to the accomplished performer, who simply needs those finer points fine-tuned even further.  Through practice and discussion and One to One coaching utilising the benefits of video filming participants can develop their own unique presenting style and enhance their techniques in audience participation and responsiveness.

Key Topics include:

Improving confidence and enhancing general presentation skills

Controlling nerves and anxiety before and during presentations

Preparing the presentation

Communication skills – Verbal and Non Verbal

Understanding the importance of eye contact and body language

Persuasive use of the voice with the study of projection, pitch and variation of the tone

Audience involvement techniques – how to gain and maintain interest

Improving the ability to answer questions effectively

Mastering the technique of anticipating and dealing with the awkward questions

Creating impact through the effective use of visual aids, including Microsoft PowerPoint

Conveying the confident and professional image throughout the presentation

Closing the presentation on a memorable note